Weatherproof Outdoor Boards with Bird Sounds


We make Outdoor Weatherproof Boards and Signs for your nature trail, your playground, your museum or anywhere else. You can also have audio posters of birds for the children's bedrooms. The possibilities of large panels or posters or signs are huge. Maximum with size is 60cm, and you can have a poster as long as you wish. Or you may want one of our ready made garden birds poster, 60cm by 120cm, of birds, with calls, songs, information and quizzes for £20.00

Touch BirdvoicePEN against any bird and hear songs, calls, information or even a quiz. Ideal to keep visitors engaged and learn the songs and identify birds quickly and easily.

Holywells Park in Ipswich Suffolk have just installed the Discover Bird board in their newly refurbished café. The Park has undergone a 3.5 m restoration as part of the Parks for People project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Lottery Fund, with additional financial support from Ipswich Borough Council and the Friends of Holywells Park. The board has been a great success with families learning about the 70 birds on the board. They love listening to the birds calls and song and the quiz is a real hit, especially the question about Harry Potters owl.

The artwork can also be mounted on 5mm perspex to give a shiny feel or just as a liminated poster for the bedroom wall. The perspex or the aluminium can be contour to any shape that you wish. So, if there is a need for signage with audio or/and qr codes, this too is possible. If you wish to make panels or posters specifically customised for yourself - many organisations do - then please call us 0208 445 5123